Published: February 17, 2010
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Meet SBF Member Charles, a singer, recording artist, actor and dancer from Orlando, Florida. He received his B.A. degree in theatre performance from the Florida A&M University where he was elected by popular demand to be the first Mr. FAMU, King of the University in its existence. This multi-talented performer has been heard and seen on stages across America in such shows as Dreamgirls, Five Guys Named Moe, Everybody's Her, the Jackie Robinson Story, Piano Lesson, Good God Almighty, Blues for Alabama Sky, One Mo' Time, Sophisticated Ladies and The Wiz. Read his interview and find out about his experience with Conelli's latest show, Generations.
Charles Westley Lattimore

  • How old were you when you started dancing, singing, acting, what training have you had and what made you take it up?
    Quote I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and a master of most...

    Florida A&M University
Essential Theatre
David Barrow Wiley, Shani Akilah Johnson, Tara Baker, Enrika M. Sissle, Olrick Johnson, Jesse Hamilton, Mahalia Jackson, Duane Hamilton & Charles Charles Westley Lattimore: I was making a joyful noise in my mothers belly and upon my delivery began entertaining all the nurses who changed my pampers and so on.... I was always around church, but when I was in third grade, around 7 or 8 yrs old, we had a talent show at school. I remember we made a vest out of a brown winn-dixie paper bag and my P.E. teacher gave me his hat to wear. It had a feather in it. I sang the calipso song Day light come and me wanna go home. When I was finished the crowd were on their feet screaming and clapping and I said: "showbiz is going to be my life!" I stayed around choirs and drama groups, attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida where I was elected the very first Mr. Florida A&M University in the entire school's 100 plus years of existence and graduated with a Bachleor of Arts degree in theatre performance with a minor in music.
    Zurich, Conelli Circus
The Nate Jacobs Gospel Singers
  • Being an actor, singer and dancer, you are an all-round performer. Do you consider yourself to be one more than the others?
    CWL: I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and a master of most. So what ever the time calls for, I rise to that challenge. Singing and acting go hand-in-hand for me, however I'm not like a dancer's dancer, but I move pretty good... so I've been told!

  • In Conelli's Generations you were part of the gospel singers. Please tell us about your group.
    CWL: It's a talented group of great singers. 8 singers from different parts of America who were brought together to form a singing group for the Conelli Circus and the Generations show. It was the second time we were a part of their season. Under the direction of Nate Jacobs some of us worked together in other shows, but for the majority, it was their first time both with the gospel group and Conelli.

  • Was your group involved in the music and vocal arrangements and did you choose what songs to sing?
    CWL: Conelli already had the music arrangement done. They just sent us a CD and we met in the States to put the vocal parts together.
    Zurich, Conelli Circus
Victoria Walker, Ana Maria Flores Hanson, Charles, Orianne Campion, Marjorie Delestre & Magaly Noirclerc

  • Is this the first time that you have worked in a circus and what did you think about it?
    CWL: Working with Conelli was the first and only circus, but I've worked with them for two seasons now. The hours are long, but the show itself is good. Plus it's nice to travel and not have to pay out of your own pocket for it. lol

    Zurich, Conelli Circus

  • Where have you worked prior to Conelli? CWL: In the U.S.A with Mad River Theatre Works performing in several of their touring shows.

  • What has been your most challenging show?
    CWL: A show called One Mo' Time. We performed in a theatre with no mics and trying to sing over a band and people, was not ideal!

  • What's been your funniest moment on stage?
    Charles...Astaire CWL: I've had several, but one time I was in a serious scene performing in the stage play The Piano Lesson and a big cockroach was just walking around the stage taking focus. It was a lil black box theatre, so everyone could see it. It wouldn't leave, so finally I had to just get up kill it and laugh and clap with the audience and keep the scene going.

  • You are now on tour with Mad River Theatre Works out of West Liberty, Ohio performing in the Jackie Robinson stage play. Please tell us something about it.
    CWL: The show is about the first African American to play baseball in the major leagues. His struggles and his wins. I actually play three roles in the show. Mack Robinson, Jackie's older brother who won a model in the Olympics, Newt Allen, another black baseball player who started out playing ball with Jack in the minor leagues, and Clayton Hughes, a reporter from the Chicago Defender who acts more or less as Jackie's conscience.

  • What are your plans for the future?
    CWL: Well hopefully branch out into film and television. Make movies or be on a sitcom or maybe even have my own sitcom. I've been in a Walmart commerical and did some work on some sitcoms on Nickoledeon, but I'm ready for the big league. The sky is the limit. I just need the contacts...

  • Thank you Charles for your interview!