Published: July 28, 2011
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Meet SBF Member Kylie Fisher, the Vocal Captain on board the NCL Jade.
Kylie comes from Sydney, Australia. She has been performing since the age of 5. Last year, she debut in the Australian tour of Fame, the Musical playing the role of Lambchops. She has been performing as a Piano Bar Entertainer and the lead singer of her cover band called SeeLah. She has recorded originals on Albums for Hillsong Music, and also won Songwriter of the Year for APRA in 2005.
Read Kylie's interview and find out about how her career has evolved to be part of the productions on board the NCL Jade...
Kylie Fisher

  • Sydney
Kylie in one of her many gigs of a seasoned performer How old were you when you started dancing and what made you take it up?
    Quote is what I was born to do...

    Kylie Fisher: I have a tape of me playing the piano and singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat at 4˝ and my parents can remember me when I was about 3, in the back of their combi, my mum and dad were singing in the front and I busted into harmony. My mum has been a full-time singer for my whole life and my dad is a bass player. So it's definitely in my blood. I dropped out of mathematics and did music and it's what I was born to do.

  • Where have you worked in the past?
    Sydney, Kings Cross
'Seelah' (Kylie Fisher & Angelina) at the prestigious Piano Room
2009 KF: Fame, the Musical was my first professional musical. Before that for the last 5 - 6 years, I've been a piano bar singer, doing all the pubs and clubs around Sydney. Also with my band I played in a leading venue in Kings Cross, Sydney, called the Piano Room. It's basically where a lot of famous people go and I would play there by myself from 7pm - 9pm and then do the 11pm - 3am set with my band. I would do 80s pop, slow jams on the piano and then R&B and soul until the sun rose. I was brought up in church, so I was always singing there and went from playing baby Jesus when I was six months old to performing there until I left home. I'm very used to performing in front of a very large audience, as that church has a congregation of 25,000 people and we would perform in huge stadiums. When I started in Fame, they told me that I would be in front of a crowd of 2,500 people. I just love big crowds.

  • How long have you been working for NCL?
    KF: This is my first contract. I auditioned in Sydney at the end of last year and I started working for them four months later. At the time I was finishing Fame, the Musical, Australian Tour, where I was playing Lambchops, so I was the drummer, the extreme, excited rock 'n' roll character in the show. I had a month to go with that contract, so NCL fell right into place. I moved to Tampa for the rehearsals and then we came onboard in March. I've only been here a short time, but I love it and I love working for NCL. I'm hoping that I will get another contract after this one.

  • NCL Jade
Kylie in her weekly session at the 'Bar City'
2011 What is your role onboard?
    KF: I'm the Vocal Captain, the 'orange girl' in Shout and a backing vocalist in Showdown. There are four leads in that show - John Sloan, Mark Borum, Erika Holmes and Melanie Stringer, who play the main characters. I'm really excited to be in the back-up vocals, because I naturally hear harmonies. I hear the tenor, the alto and I'll sing one random part on my own. So it means that I can be blended in. Other than that, I've let people know that I love playing piano and singing and I have a gig on the ship as well. One night a cruise I do the piano bar in Bar City here on the Jade and another night I do a jazz set with Michael. Being on ships has just blown me away because there's not much work on land. At the moment Sydney is not exploding with great venues to perform. Melbourne is a great venue for original music and rock bands, other than that, if I didn't get anything this year, I would have gone to New York, where through a contact, I could have had an opportunity.

  • How much rehearsal time do you put in each week?
    KF: The night before every tech run - which is before every show, I go through the show in my cabin. I run through all the songs and the parts in between. That's for myself, but if I feel as a whole, we need to run something, we will put in a rehearsal during the week. I break it down and if there's a solo that I need to work with someone on, I get them on their own and we run it through.

  • What has been your most challenging show?
    NCL Jade
Kylie as the 'orange girl' in 'Shout!'
2011 KF: Shout for sure. Showdown is full of Motown and I love those songs, so I'd sung all of those songs before. But for Shout, it's that 60s English era, which I'm not as familiar with. I do know Dusty Springfield, but I didn't in-depth know the other singers. However, I pick up things pretty quickly and that's probably my favourite show now.

  • What's been your funniest moment on stage?
    KF: Probably last year in Fame. A singer came out, I was on the drums and the pianist and flute player were next to me.
    Quote ...Being on a ship has really opened up my mind and shown me a whole different life that I didn't know about...
    On that night it was the understudy for the flute player and the flute wasn't on stage and we just looked at each other. He was supposed to play Mozart and I had to ding my triangle at the right time. I was just about to adlib and say something about it, so that the band master downstairs would know that there's no flute. Randomly, one of the extra cast just ran on with it and handed it to him. Then Brian Wenzel, who is the funniest 89-year old, looks at him and says: "thanks for joining the class Thomas". The whole cast had to try not to lose it, it was totally hilarious.

  • What's your favourite part of Shout?
    KF: When I get to sing 'You Don't Have to Say You Love me'. It's such an intimate song and has so much passion to it. The other songs are very hip 60s, but this is a song where she realises that her husband is gay and she has to decide whether she is going to stay with him for her kids or is she going to be strong and say: "I can do this, I can raise my kids on my own". So, I love that I get to pour my energy into it.

  • NNCL Jade
front line L-R: Melanie Stringer, Kerry Whiteside, Kylie, Erica Holmes & Samee Nann
2011 Do you have to dance in the show?
    KF: Yes. I've had dance training, but it was hard for me to pick the dancing up, just because we had literally six days to learn the whole show. The first day of rehearsals we learnt the whole first part of the show, vocally. The second day we learnt the second half of the show, vocally. So we were going home after an eight-hour day and rehearsing in our rooms until midnight, trying to learn our harmonies. On the third day it was up on our feet trying to learn the choreography too. For my brain process, it wasn't the way that I learn, so it was really hard for me to mould it all together. I would have been better doing a song and then putting it to it's feet immediately. But their schedule was to block it out and then keep pushing and pushing. Being on the ship and finally having it on it's feet, really smoothed things out and the moulding of the cast.

    Quote ...Elements is such an extravaganza, that they (the audience) are compelled to stand up at the end...
  • How does it feel living on a ship?
    KF: I know I've only been here for a short time, but I love it. For Fame and five years before that, it was the same life style - doing what you want through the day and resting and performing at night. Being on the ship is the same thing and I'm not paying rent and I can go and exercise in the gym upstairs and then perform at night. It's beautiful.

  • Do you find the audience is different from working on a cruise ship to working on land?
    KF: I think that on a ship the audience doesn't know what to expect, whereas in a theatre they do. You pay to go to a theatre, to see, say a musical, so that is what you are going to get, but for Showdown they don't know what they are going to see. It's an audience participation show and sometimes it takes a lot of energy to get the guests involved in the show. With Shout is a watch musical, but if you have no idea about what it's about, then it sometimes takes the crowd until half way through before they say: "I love this" and by the end they are giving us a standing ovation. Then when they see the final show Elements, it's such an extravaganza, that they are compelled to stand up at the end.

  • Do you have a special memory in your career that you would like to share with us?
    KF: I think Fame, because I've watched that show growing up and I've watched the movie over and over again NCL Jade
Bradford with Cast
2011 and I went to a performing arts high school. On my first day with the show, I said to myself: "This is Fame and I'm in it!". It was incredible. When I auditioned for Fame, I hadn't auditioned for a musical for 2˝ years and Kelly Abbey requested to see me and she hadn't seem me for years and I got a lead. So that opening show was like: "this is it!". Finally, from watching the movie, to living in a high school, to being in Fame - it was a great moment.

  • What are your plans for the future?
    KF: Being on a ship has really opened up my mind and shown me a whole different life that I didn't know about. So my next goal is maybe to do another production show or hopefully to work on a ship, as a guest entertainer with my mother, Lucy Fisher, and we would duo together. She's a red head like me and we sing together back home. When we are in a studio, the equalizer in our voices are identical. It's that family thing when you see a mother and daughter or father and son, it's just power and so beautiful. So fingers crossed, that's my next dream.

    Thank you Kylie for this great interview and best of luck with your career!

    Meet the other Production Singers...

    Erika Holmes
Production Singer onboard NCL Jade Erika Holmes
    Production Singer onboard NCL Jade

    Erika hails originally from New York City. AMDA graduate. Past NCL contracts include the Jewel and the Gem. US National and International tours include: Grease! with Frankie Avalon, the Wizard of Oz and Babes in Toyland. Recently performed in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat understudying American Idol's Melinda Doolittle in the role of the 'Narrator', in Pigeon Forge,TN. Other roles include: 'Ghost of Christmas Past' in Christmas Carol, 'Gloria Thorpe' in Damn Yankees, 'Star to be' in Annie) and 'Christine' in Maury Yeston's Phantom. She thanks her family and friends for all their support and her wonderful husband, Chris.

    John Sloan
Production Singer onboard NCL Jade
    John Sloan
    Production Singer onboard NCL Jade

    A native of Pittsburgh, PA, John has called Orlando, Florida his home for 10 years. John studied classical voice in his hometown at the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University. He then went on to sing in the Pittsburgh Opera Chorus for two seasons & the Pittsburgh Civic Light-Opera before turning his attention to a more diversified repertoire. John performed with great success on international stages that span the globe from Hong Kong to Paris.

    Melanie Stringer
Production Singer onboard NCL Jade Melanie Stringer
    Production Singer onboard NCL Jade

    Melanie Stringer is originally from Florida, USA, and was most recently 'Nemo' in Finding Nemo the Musical at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. She received her BFA in Music Theatre from Shenandoah Conservatory for Music, and has been a part of professional productions in the US that include Little Women the Musical, Grease, Beauty and the Beast, and Wizard of Oz!
    Love goes out to the amazing Jade cast, the Production Team and her family back in the states!

    Mark Borum
Production Singer onboard NCL Jade
    Mark Borum
    Production Singer onboard NCL Jade

    Mark is thrilled to be back aboard a NCL vessel. He was last seen on the Norwegian Spirit. Mark has also been seen around the U.S. in National Tours and Regional Theatres. Favorite credits include: The Wedding Singer (1st National Tour), Footloose (Ren), The Full Monty (Ethan), Hair (Woof) and performances at the York Theatre and WoW Café Theatre in NYC.
    Big thanks to the Production Team of NCL and to Tiff for keeping the cast looking good on stage.

    Kerry Whiteside
Production Singer onboard NCL Jade Kerry Whiteside
    Production Singer onboard NCL Jade

    Kerry is from England and graduated with a BA Hons in Acting, from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Her credits include the European premier of First Lady Suite, in the National Student Company's Production of The Wild Party (Mae), in the World Premier of Houdini The Musical, UK Tour (Bess Houdini) and the Witch and the Wardrobe, The West Yorkshire Playhouse and The Birmingham Repertory Theatre (the Lion).
    Kerry is delighted to be back performing for NCL and would like to thank her family for their constant love and support.

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