Published: February 3, 2014
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Issue 26: Feb 2014††

©2008-2013 SBF logo Dear ShowBiz Friend,

The first 2014 SBF News' issue is here!

We are very excited about it, because the new year is already bringing some great news and we can't wait to share it with you!

First of all, a new SBF Rising Star, followed by the announcement of a Reunion!
Right after... well, just scroll down and find out for yourself!

Last, but not least, our traditional warmest welcome to all 'New' SBF members. Have fun, share your memories with other members, enjoy SBF and...


N.B. Please note that some links in this Newsletter take you to the SBF website and for which you may need to sign in again.
SBF Rising Star

Read Rye-Llewellyn Carpenter's interview
SBF's latest Rising Star is:

Read Rye-Llewellyn's Meet the Rising Star interview...

Meet SBF Member, Rye-Llewellyn Carpenter who in 2012 joined Bonheur at the Lido de Paris, as a Bluebell Dancer!
This alone represents a dream come true for Rye, but what makes it even more remarkable is that she has actually set an unprecedented record in the history of the Lido. Rye, in fact, is the first and, so far, only case in the world famous Parisian Corps de Ballet, of being a 2nd Generation Bluebell with both parents as former Lido dancers: Principal Dancer, Rachel Davies and Kelly Boy Dancer, Eric Carpenter.

We interviewed Rye to find out what it feels like to be following in her parents' footsteps...
"Bluebell Forever!" REUNION!!!

Lido, Paris Start spreading... the News...

SBF is thrilled to be organising, along with the Lido, the 2nd Bluebell Girl & Kelly Boy Reunion in Paris. Following your indication from the survey SBF carried out in the last issue of SBF News, a staggering 95% of replies requested for the Reunion to be held after the start of the new production, which at the moment is in the process of preparation and will be opening in 2015. Here's to the 'Bluebells Forever!' Reunion!!!
We are working with the Lido on the details and they will be released on ShowBiz Friends ASAP.

Signing up for the Reunion will only be possible through SBF!

The Lido have asked us to convey to all SBF Members, that the Bluebells will always continue to be part of the Lido productions. That's what has given us the inspiration to name the Reunion:

"B L U E B E L L S † F O R E V E R !"

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of what you would like to do/see on this special day, please CLICK HERE and let us know your thoughts!

In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory of  Joan Brickhill  1924-2014 Joan Brickhill was a South African actress, who worked in radio, theatre, cinema and television. Along with her husband Louis Burke, she founded Brickhill-Burke Productions and worked as an executive entertainment producer in Sun City.
SBF's deepest condolences to Joan's family and friends.

Thanks Nici Swift & Andrť Kemp (Feather Pluckers) for sharing with SBF!

Show Photos & Programmes

We've noticed that many members have uploaded their Show photos into their personal Photo Album. Please upload them also into the Photo Gallery page of the relevant shows, so that we can all appreciate them!
Click on the Photo Gallery button, as the one below
Photo Gallery button
which you can find in the shows you've been in and then on "Click here to submit your photos to this show!" that you can find in the top-right corner.
If 'your show' isn't there yet, tell us about it and we'll add it!
Holiday on Ice Europe  'Holiday goes Broadway' programme  1995
We are in the process of scanning lots of Show programmes. If you have any, please do the same!

How many of us are lucky enough to still hold onto photos & programmes of shows we've been in? So, if you are one of them, make someone else's day and share your memories!
Take advantage of the Photo Albums feature, to add your personal photos e.g. family, pets, holiday/vacation snaps, etc... (not Show or Profile photos).
You can find Photo Albums feature in the Control Panel of your Profile page (My Page)
Add a Show

SBF's 'Find a Show' section features over 3500 shows from all over the world and more production and television broadcasting companies & shows are added to it everyday, thanks to the contribution of SBF members!
There are tonnes of videos, photos & programmes too!!! Spanning from the 40's to the present time, these Shows make SBF the most complete worldwide Show database online!

Revolving Star Where applicable, we also add images, or a revolving star if we don't have any, but obviously, we would prefer to replace the stars.
So if your Show isn't there yet, let us know! & if you have any images of Venues, Shows etc. to replace the stars, please email them to us

Profile Photo

upload your Profile Photo! Don't be shy!!! (we ShowBiz people aren't normally!) - go ahead and upload your Profile Photo
It will make it much easier for your friends to find you... and it looks much cooler!

If you are not sure how to do this, email your photo to us and we'll edit and upload it for you!

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