Published: December 1, 2012
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SBF News
Issue 23: Dec 2012

©2008-2012 SBF logo Dear ShowBiz Friend,

Merry Christmas!!!
Hope this new issue finds you in your best Christmas mood and shape!

"...Another year over...", as the late John Lennon sung in one of his most successful songs ever. Where did it go? We might add... and then, as for the past years, we find ourselves looking back at all the things that might have made it a very special year, just a transition year, or simply a year to forget quickly...
Anyway, wherever your year falls in, you know that the right attitude is to always look forward and try to make next year, "The Year"!

This is exactly SBF's wish to you for the new year!
May 2013 be a year that sees you shine and most of all the year in which you will be finally doing all you've been wanting to do and have sometimes, somehow, struggled to achieve!

Just one 'little' thing we ask in return:
whenever you can, make sure you allow yourself a little time to sit down and enjoy SBF, not just because you owe it to yourself... but particularly because the latest research has scientifically proven that SBF fights 'free radicals'!!! Yes, SBF keeps you young and happy!!!

Last, but not least, our traditional warmest welcome to all 'new' SBF members. Have fun, share your memories with other members, enjoy SBF and...

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Star of the Month

Read Francis Demarteau's interview
SBF Star of the Month is:
Francis Demarteau

Read Francis' Meet the Star interview...

Meet Liege born, SBF Member, Francis Demarteau, a 5 Times Belgium Skating Champion, Solo and Pair, and a polyhedral artist with a glittering career spanning several decades, firstly as an Ice Skater for Holiday on Ice, Scala Madrid and Barcelona and Lido Paris, to name but a few and subsequently as a Choreographer and a Producer of ice shows, as well as floor shows all over the world.
Read his interview and find out about how his career has evolved for him from ice skating to becoming a show maker...

N.B. Please note that some links in this Newsletter take you to the SBF website and for which you may need to sign in again.
Members' News

Tell us YOUR NEWS!!! This is a new feature that you will see regularly on SBF News.
So, if you've started rehearsing for an upcoming show, signed a new contract, released a new project, want to organize a giveaway, are having a showbiz reunion etc. and want to share it with the SBF family, please let us know! and we will announce it right here!

If you love attending reunions,
then this announcement is just for you!!!
Hallelujah, Hollywood! 2013 Vegas Reunion

Jason Reddock Hallelujah Hollywood 2013 Vegas Reunion Get into shape for this one! Not much time left!
The big day is set for Friday,† 5 April 2013 at Bally's, Las Vegas.

Hosted by seasoned M.C. and SBF member, Jason Reddock, this reunion will definitely shimmer and sparkle all the way!
For full details click here
Holiday on Ice Platinum Reunion!
70th Anniversary of the First Production of Holiday on Ice USA

Holiday on Ice Platinum Reunion 2013 Honouring Tom Collins 70, but still young at heart!
A three day-celebration, 14-15-16 May 2013 at The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. Including a Cocktail Reception, a Hosted Cocktail Party and a Gala Evening

The event will honour Tom Collins, Performer, Manager & Vice President of Holiday on Ice and Founder of Champions on Ice.
For full details click here

Thanks for sharing with SBF!

New Show Sections on SBF!

Find a Show

SBF's 'Find a Show' section now also features:
Ice Shows > Constellations Int. Monaco
Ice Shows > Crystal Ice Show
Ice Shows > Fantasy on Ice
Ice Shows > Global International Shows
New York > Roosevelt Raceway > Star Nite
New York > Stephen Sondheim Theatre
UK Pantomimes >

If your show isn't on SBF yet, please let us know!

Show Photos & Programmes

We've noticed that many members have uploaded their Show photos into their personal Photo Album. Please upload them also into the Photo Gallery page of the relevant shows, so that we can all appreciate them!
Click on the Photo Gallery button, as the one below
Photo Gallery button
which you can find in the shows you've been in and then on "Click here to submit your photos to this show!" that you can find in the top-right corner.
If 'your show' isn't there yet, tell us about it and we'll add it!
Holiday on Ice Europe
'Holiday goes Broadway' programme
We are in the process of scanning lots of Show programmes. If you have any, please do the same!

How many of us are lucky enough to still hold onto photos & programmes of shows we've been in? So, if you are one of them, make someone else's day and share your memories!

Take advantage of the Photo Albums feature, to add your personal photos e.g. family, pets, holiday/vacation snaps, etc... (not Show or Profile photos).
You can find Photo Albums feature in the Control Panel of your Profile page (My Page)

Profile Photo

upload your Profile Photo! Don't be shy!!! (we ShowBiz people aren't normally!) - go ahead and upload your Profile Photo
It will make it much easier for your friends to find you!

If you are not sure how to do this, email your photo to us and we'll edit and upload it for you!

Invite your Friends!

Do you know someone who might be interested in ShowBiz Friends?
Why not invite them to join using our easy-to-use form?
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