Published: April 4, 2012
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SBF News Issue 22: Apr 2012

©2008-2012 SBF logo Dear ShowBiz Friend,

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!
Hope this issue of SBF News finds you in good shape to be able to enjoy it to the max.

Let's start by featuring SBF's 22nd Star of the Month, with a fantastic interview that we are sure will catch the attention of many SBF's members!!!

Thanks to the continuous contributions of many passionate members, the SBF's section, Find a Show, is now boasting over 3500 shows from around the world, along with over 10000 photos and almost a 1000 videos and is constantly increasing.
Don't miss to check out our New Show Sections listed below on this newsletter and if you were/are in any of them, please add yourself to the Cast & Crew list!

Last, but not least, our traditional warm welcome to all new SBF members. Have fun, share your memories with other members and enjoy SBF!

N.B. Please note that some links in this Newsletter take you to the SBF website and for which you may need to sign in again.
Star of the Month

Read Jose Montes' interview
SBF Star of the Month is:
Jose Montes

Read Jose's Meet the Star interview...

Meet Spanish native SBF Member and Star of the Month Jose Montes!
He started as an Acrobat, then became a Dancer, then the Producer, Choreographer and Creator of the High Society Ballet, staging productions all over Europe and stretching to far off countries, like Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico etc.
With a career spanning over 40 years, Jose has crossed paths with thousands of dancers from every corner of the planet.
Read Jose's interview and find out about his long career...

Rising Star

Rising Star Proudly announcing SBF's brand new feature: RISING STAR!
We are really excited about scouting budding talented performers who are already doing it the pro way, but haven't bloomed yet!
If you know of somebody who you think is worth being featured as the next Rising Star, please let us know!
Look out for the first Rising Star... coming soon on SBF!

Reunions Galore!!!

If you are a Bluebell and love reunions,
then this announcement is just for you!!!
2nd UK mini BLUEBELL Reunion

2nd UK mini BLUEBELL Reunion As announced in the last SBF News, following last year's success, there is another UK mini BLUEBELL Reunion on Saturday,
28 April 2012.

Lesley Lever Organised by SBF member, Lesley Lever, this new event promises to be even more fun than last year's.

For full details click here

Hallelujah, Hollywood! 2013 Vegas Reunion

Jason Reddock Hallelujah Hollywood 2013 Vegas Reunion Start to get into shape for this one!
The big day is set for Friday,  5 April 2013 at Bally's in Las Vegas.

Hosted by seasoned M.C. and SBF member, Jason Reddock, this reunion will definitely shimmer and sparkle all the way. Again, you'll find full details on SBF soon...

Members' News

Tell us YOUR NEWS!!! This is a new feature that you will see regularly on SBF News.
So, if you've started rehearsing for an upcoming show, signed a new contract, released a new project, want to organize a giveaway, are having a showbiz reunion etc. and want to share it with the SBF family, please let us know! and we will announce it right here!

Tyrone Power - United States Postage Stamp 2014
by SBF member, Loren Ruhl

Tyrone Power - United States Postage Stamp 2014 We have a special request from SBF member Loren Ruhl.
Loren was best friends with Tyrone Power and would like to do everything possible to honour Tyrone's memory by supporting an effort to have him portrayed on a commemorative US postage stamp for his Centenary on 5 May, 2014.
Tyrone was not only a mega movie star and stage actor, he was also a decorated World War II Marine Corps Pilot. He passed away at the age of 44, on the set of his last movie, Solomon and Sheba, in 1958.
If you would like to give your support to this cause and to know more about it, please click the like button on the dedicated Facebook page:

Thanks Loren for sharing it with all of us!

New Show Sections on SBF!

Find a Show

SBF's 'Find a Show' section now also features:
Barcelona > Emporium > Pola Stol Ballet
Benidorm > Benidorm Palace > High Society Ballet
Ice Shows > TV Clips > Toller Cranston's S. Ice
Ice Shows > Champions on Ice
Ice Shows > Ice Follies > Complete Section!
Ice Shows > Ice Vogues > 1949
Ice Shows > Ice Vogues > 1954
London > ITV > Britain's Got Talent
Los Angeles > Osko's > Il Pleut des Hommes
Madrid > Lido > High Society Ballet
Puerto Rico > Flamboyan > High Society Ballet
UK Pantomimes >
Tokyo > Disney Sea > Mystic Rhythms
Tokyo > Latin Quarter > High Society Ballet

If your show isn't on SBF yet, please let us know!

Show Photos & Programmes

We've noticed that many members have uploaded their Show photos into their personal Photo Album. Please upload them also into the Photo Gallery page of the relevant shows, so that we can all appreciate them!
Click on the Photo Gallery button, as the one below
Photo Gallery button
which you can find in the shows you've been in and then on "Click here to submit your photos to this show!" that you can find in the top-right corner.
If 'your show' isn't there yet, tell us about it and we'll add it!
Holiday on Ice Europe
'Holiday goes Broadway' programme
We are in the process of scanning lots of Show programmes. If you have any, please do the same!

How many of us are lucky enough to still hold onto photos & programmes of shows we've been in? So, if you are one of them, make someone else's day and share your memories!

Take advantage of the Photo Albums feature, to add your personal photos e.g. family, pets, holiday/vacation snaps, etc... (not Show or Profile photos).
You can find Photo Albums feature in the Control Panel of your Profile page (My Page)

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