Published: March 8, 2014
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That's ShowBiz! áááááááááá Appendix to SBF News Issue 26: March 2014
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Dear ShowBiz "Friend"
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SBF's exciting new issue of That's ShowBiz! is here! featuring one of Cirque du Soleil mega-productions, presently touring all over Europe. We are confident it will keep you glued to your screen.

So, sit back and let the entertainment begin!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Read on and Enjoy!

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Back to its roots! Cirque du Soleil's tribute to the tradition of the Circus... in a box!
Read KOOZ┼'s article and view photos & video

Cirque Du Soleil has returned to its roots with KOOZ┼, in a tribute that reignites the traditions from which its fame originated. Sheer human effort - performance in its rawest, purest form - is showcased in all its splendour. Amazing, death-defying acrobatics, which highlight the physical demands of human performance, while presenting a colourful mixture that emphasizes bold slapstick humour and sends you on a bizarre journey of circus nostalgia. It allows you to rekindle the memories and emotions associated with circuses of old, and brings together two century-old circus traditions - acrobatics and the art of clowning.

Read this article and view photos & video... Michael G. Smith  former Artistic Director for Koozň
Our special thanks to SBF Member, Michael G. Smith, former Artistic Director for Koozň at Cirque du Soleil, for his precious help with this article.

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