Published: February 5, 2012
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That's ShowBiz! 2nd Appendix to SBF News Issue 21: Mar 2012

Dear ShowBiz "Friend",

SBF Logo 2008-2012 As we all know, showbiz is a very small world. Nevertheless it is also a huge universe of different arts, some directly under the spotlight, others more in the shade, but no less important. As a special treat for you, here's something a little different. In this March issue of That's ShowBiz!, we are featuring not just one, but two highly talented and successful acting coaches, each of them with their own unique approach, but both bringing the right tools to succeed in showbiz.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Diane Christiansen
Bernard Hiller

Read on and Enjoy!!!

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Diane Christiansen Meet American native SBF Member Diane Christiansen (a.k.a. Diana Mann), whose career has spanned three decades as Dancer, Actress, Director and Coach and as one of the Top 3 Acting Coaches in Hollywood, according to the Young Presidents Organization in NYC.
Diane is the force behind some of the hottest young talent in Hollywood, having taught actors such as Hailee Steinfeld, David Henrie, Jason Dolly, Spencer Daniels, Shelbie Bruce, Amy Bruchner, Kay & Danielle Panabaker, Mason Alexander Park and Joey Luthman to name a few.

Read her interview and find out about how her career has evolved from being a Bluebell dancer to a Hollywood acting coach...

Read her interview and view photos & video...

Bernard Hiller Meet SBF Member Bernard Hiller, who trained as an actor, singer and dancer at the High School of Performing Arts in NYC and then performed in several Broadway musicals. He has worked on Films and TV with George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen Mirren and has coached LL Cool J, Billy Crystal, Jeff Goldblum to mention but a few, as well as becoming an international acting coach. Bernard has just published his first book called Stop Acting - Start Living, A Revolutionary Guide For Achieving Success in Show-Business & Life, based on his powerful and unique techniques. Currently he is working as Producer and Writer on his new film project Brundibar.

We interviewed Bernard after one of his masterclasses held at the Teatro Golden, in Rome. Read on and find out about his career...

Read his interview and view photos & video...
Laura Ruocco  Academic Coordinator at the Teatro Golden  Rome, Italy
Our special thanks to SBF Member Laura Ruocco, Academic Coordinator at the Teatro Golden, Rome, Italy for her precious help in organizing Bernard's interview.

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