Published: February 5, 2012
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That's ShowBiz! Appendix to SBF News Issue 21: Feb 2012

Dear ShowBiz "Friend",

SBF Logo 2008-2012 In this February issue of That's ShowBiz!, we are really thrilled to feature two highly entertaining shows from a country that is not easily reachable for the ones of us living in the western side of the terraqueous globe: China!
We had the pleasure of seeing both of these wonderful shows. Please, let us tell you all about them!

Just get yourself comfortable and start dreaming, because we are travelling in time to a far land that is so very different from anywhere else you can think of!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

A S o n g o f E v e r l a s t i n g S o r r o w
T h e T a n g D y n a s t y

Read on and Enjoy!!!

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A SONG OF EVERLASTING SORROW  HUAQING HOT SPRING The First Chinese Great Historical Pantomime
Perfect blend between tradition and technology of the future!

Crowned China's first large-scale real-scene historical dance drama, A Song of Everlasting Sorrow reproduces the emotion and passion of the moving romantic story at the very scene where the story happened.
This breathtaking love story is performed on an outdoor stage set against the magnificent natural backdrop of the Lishan Mountain and on the Nine-Dragon Lake at the Huaqing Hot Spring, using elements of the existing ancient architectural complex such as pavilions, colonnades and weeping willows as part of scenery.

Read this article and view photos & video...

THE TANG DYNASTY  XI'AN China's Premier Cultural Entertainment
Chinese tradition showcased at the "Lido" of the Orient!

The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is based upon the Imperial Tang Dynasty, which ruled China from 618 to 907 and was the most prosperous and glorious of all the 13 dynastic periods in the entire Chinese history. The show is an outstanding exponent of this ancient, stable and affluent society, keeping alive its splendid culture and providing an insight into the peaceful life style of the period.

Read this article and view photos & video... Steele Zhang  Sales Manager of The Tang Dynasty
Our special thanks to Steele Zhang, Sales Manager of The Tang Dynasty, Xi'an for his precious help.

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