Lindsey Raven RosolinoLindsey Raven is the founding member of ShowBiz Friends, having had the idea for many years. After training at Bush Davies school, Romford, UK, she started her professional career as a Bluebell dancer at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, where she was part of the original cast of Jubilee, the longest running show in Las Vegas, now in its 29th year. She also performed in shows in Sapporo, Madrid, Barcelona, St Maarten and for Costa Cruise Lines. Having worked in “ShowBiz” for many years, she decided to create ShowBiz Friends to rekindle the excitement of those Golden Years and to give people like herself a way to get back in touch with old friends and colleagues from the show biz years. She says “We could probably all write a book about our own career and the joy it gave us, and let’s face it – in how many other professions do you get an applause or standing ovation at the end of your day’s work!!! So let’s all share our experiences and get this Show on the Road”.

Sergio, Lindsey's husband, is the creative mind who developed all the graphics and enhanced every image within ShowBiz Friends. He is a full-time musician and has travelled almost everywhere, performing on cruise ships, and as the in-house entertainer for many years at the world renowned Harry's Bar in Rome. He also performed at a special dinner for HRH Prince Charles.

Sergio Rosolino